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New Learning Capsule: STARTUP MANAGEMENT

Managing a fast-growing startup while bringing its innovation to market and scaling it up is particularly challenging. This highly personalized management program addresses this critical challenge while fitting a distinct startup's profile and considering its management pains and needs. It provides temporary in-house management expert working with the startup's founders-managers, CEO, and C-level managers.

The program aims to optimize the consistently changing management of a growth-oriented venture from both sides, strategic and operational, focusing on the startup's size, stage, strategy, structure, and culture. It comprises the startup's management needs assessment, development, and roll-out of a six-week tailored management program. Depending on the startup, the program is mixed (online and offline).

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I will speak at Corporate Venturing & Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 at Erasmus University on April 19, 2023. My workshop, Corporate-startup collaboration tensions, paradoxes, and their coping mechanisms, will address an asymmetric partnership between two very different types of organizations, a large incumbent and a small, novice venture, that brings innovation opportunities and, at the same time, organizational challenges. These challenges, with their different natures and manifestations, often present prominent organizational tensions and paradoxes that impact collaboration. In this workshop, we will uncover them and their coping mechanisms.

You can find further event details and the registration form on this link



Soon there will also be exciting, novel Innovation Retreats organized around prominent topics and stunning venues. So please stay connected for upcoming details.

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