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Frequently, Ajlin launches a variety of knowledge drops through mini-courses around strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

These learning capsules are evolving. For example, there are two courses:

Introduction to Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation and Business Plan(t). The first course (four short sessions online) provides a first introductory insight into three essential business areas of any firm. It is especially relevant for smaller size companies. The second addresses the knowledge and preparation of a business plan, one of the most important strategic tools for an entrepreneurial idea or a business project. This module is outdoors, with participants fully immersed in the creative power of nature, the much-appreciated feature of the course. However, it is also available online in a more traditional format when required.

On-demand, aside from the English language, the learning capsules are also available in Italian and Bosnian languages. All the courses involve small groups of people, focusing on solid interaction and exchanging ideas.

Please check the News section and contact Ajlin directly ( for further information, updates, and personalized programs that fit your organization's needs.


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